Cute snakes attached to a stupid jerk


Name: Alexi

High Concept: Tortured Russian Youth
A teleporter, a garden snake hiding in the machine, and a screaming mutant is created on the other side! Alexi sometimes wonders if maybe there’s a snake with 7 human heads that escaped during the hubbub and the smoke… anyway. Alexi has had a rough time adjusting to the world in the last year or so, and the world hasn’t had it easy either. Moving away from the Motherland and across the pond was for the best, the boy reminds himself. He’s found a place full of weirdos and freaks just like him, a place where he’ll never feel alone… Hillbury Academy.

Trouble: Reluctantly Heroic
Though initially finding it pretty tough to settle into this new life across the pond, Alexi still managed to make some friends, earn himself a spot in this capitalist society, landed a nice gig… life is good! Unfortunately he’s still attending a heroic school for heroes. He’s not very heroic though; apart from just disliking people being killed (like any rational person!), he doesn’t really ENJOY doing good, he just does as he does because he has to.

Personal Aspect: Put Your Heads Together!
Alexi likes to draw. Ain’t that a shock? Actually, ever since the incident, he’s found himself enjoying all sorts of new hobbies! The excitable snakes on his back always join in whenever Alexi becomes focused with something, because— you guessed it— he’s too focused to shoosh them off (or even realize they’re joining in!). If something requires intense concentration, Alexi will excel at it!


Antagonism: Ghoulrider Grapple - On his very first day in the city, Alexi managed to make a weird acquaintance. Trying to save people from being run over by a crazed middle-aged biker woman, the hydra boy from Russia instead ended the conflict by jacking her awesome flaming skull ride for himself. Alexi’s feelings for Mrs. Denzil don’t really matter in this equation, but if one were to ask, the response would be extremely coy.


Bonus Skills
+4 Snakes
+3 Alertness, Art
+2 Athletics, Empathy, Might
+1 Resolve, Intimidation, Endurance, Drive, Rapport

Super Stunt: The Invincible Hydra-King
Alexi is borderline indestructible when it comes to single combat… and there’s seven good reasons for that. The boy’s spinal cord and brain are linked with his snakes, which leads to plenty of problems. During a battle however, they move as one singular entity. You can avoid taking Stress by sacrificing one of the snakes; when combat ends, you get the [Regenerating Throes] Aspect with as many negative invokes as the snakes you lost. In addition, you gain a cumulative +1 to your Snakes skill after each consecutive turn using it, up to a +3 bonus.

Stunt: Focus Mode
When Alexi starts to get serious about something, his snakes will follow, whether it’s just Lexy and Rexy, or all 7 snakes helping out. During moments of intense concentration, roll a 1d6+1, then divide the result by two (rounding up); add that to your Fate roll, with the minimum bonus being +1 and the maximum being +4. Works once per scene.

Stunt: Chokehold
Having 7 snakes on your back is actually pretty useful when it comes to tests of strength. They are full of muscles and each snake is almost as strong as an actual human arm. Don’t underestimate Alexi just because he looks sickly. You gain a +2 bonus to Might rolls when you’re using multiple snakes.

Fate Points: 3 | Refresh: 3

Stress and Consequences:
Physical: [][][] (Mod. Con: Bruised All Over)
Mental: [][][]

- (Antagonism Bond) Forbidden Fruit: Alexi gains a +2 to Drive when riding Afterlife. In addition, he’s completely immune to the mind-warping effects of the haunted motorcycle.



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