"The latest model from Trudeau Automata..."


Astrid TA-500 Series

The Prototype For the Hero of Tomorrow
Although the amount of people born with special abilities, powers, and strange physiologies has shown no signs of slowing, there’s virtually no way of determining just how useful those traits will be, or whether or not they’ll be used for good instead of evil. Do-gooder automatons are nothing new, as various institutions have been attempting to perfect the idea for decades, but prior to Trudeau Automata’s latest innovation, the robotic keepers of the peace were always inferior to regular police, and regular heroes. Enter Astrid, model TA-500, currently in Closed Beta Testing. Astrid boasts superior physical capabilities, an array of weapons for defending the innocent, and most importantly: she’s as much as person as you or I! Astrid can think for herself, and is more than the sum of her programming. That’s why she insisted on attending Hillbury Academy. If it’s good enough for regular Supers, it’s good enough for her! Surprisingly, the Hillbury twins gave their seal of approval.

A Few Bugs In The System
Individuality and the ability to outgrow her initial programming exists, Astrid isn’t ready for production yet. A number of bugs, glitches, and technical problems have yet to be worked out. These issues are humilitating, taking the form of stutters, inappropriate outbursts, the loss of control of her appendages, and on rare occasions, full system crashes. Astrid’s lead programmer seems to believe that the issue stems from the ‘indecision paradox’, where Astrid’s ability to decide on something hits a snag, and comes into conflict with her programming’s fundamental directive to make a decision. If it happened every single time, the issue would be easy to iron out, but so far it has proven to be elusive at best.

Justice Is Directive Number One!
There are limits to Astrid’s individuality, but not for lack of technical sophistication… rather, these limits have been intentionally imposed upon her. Several ‘Directives’ have been inserted into her programming. These directives are intended to make Astrid conform to her role as the artificial hero of tomorrow. They give her a sense of purpose, boundaries, and moral standards. They’re not just guidelines, but the measure by which Astrid herself determines success. Has justice been served? Have the innocent been protected? Did she take an opportunity to plug Trudeau Automata’s android catalog? All these things are important considerations.

Camaraderie: Allies or friends. A purely beneficial bond,
    if somewhat simple.

Antagonism: Nigel…
After betraying Nigel during a simple training exercise, the bespectacled boy seems to have had it in for Astrid… although he still attended her party at the end of the first week of classes. Astrid is aware of his dislike of her, though she’s not certain if and how far he’ll go to get his revenge. Astrid has tried installing Diplomacy Modules in order to smooth the situation over.

Once per scene, Astrid may use Super in place of a Rapport or Empathy roll.

Guidance: Mentors or teachers. A bond formed to promote
    growth and development.

Engineering, Resolve
Investigate, Rapport, Alertness
Sciences, Academics, Stealth, Leadership

StuntsRefresh 2

[SUPER STUNT] Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
Despite the family friendly and insanely marketable exterior, Astrid has essentially been built to wipe out the competition. Supers who exhibit superior speed, strength, or endurance are going to be a thing of the past if they can’t be all those things at once, because someday, Astrid is going to be able to. Right now though, she can only manage a couple things at a time. At the start of a scene, Astrid may choose two Physical Skills (Endurance, Might, etc), use Super in place of these skills for the duration of the scene.

[Engineering] Military Grade Armaments Courtesy of Trudeau Automata
Astrid is equipped with a number of high-grade weapons that are intended to give her a much needed edge against the worst bad guys and monsters you can think of. Currently, access to these features is restricted, but authorization from a teacher will allow Astrid to make Weapons or Shoot roll with Engineering.

[Rapport] “I’m gonna make friends with everyone at the academy!”
The Academy isn’t just a proving ground for Astrid, but a chance to grow as a person outside the sterile computer laboratories where she was created. The students and teachers at Hillbury aren’t going to be her friends because they have to be, but because they (hopefully!) want to be! Astrid gains a +2 to Rapport when making first impressions.

[Sciences] Access to Academy Records
It would be terribly unethical to interface with one of the school computers, and use it to view or alter any kind of records, especially if one had some kind of nefarious intent. Still, it’s better that someone like Astrid should have found the unsecured network access point, since now she can keep tabs on it in case anyone tries anything! Astrid possesses an extensive file record of Hillbury Academy in her databanks. If they don’t know it, neither does she.

Physical: [ ][ ]
Mental: [ ][ ][ ][ ]

Mild (1-2 shifts):
Moderate (1-4 shifts):
Severe (1-6 shifts):
Extreme (1-8 shifts): Broken Frame

Extras (Items, hold-over aspects, etc):



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