Ati Najjar

By the power of Selket...



Superhero name: Scorpio

Self-Conscious Host to Heavenly Power: At the age of 16, Ati journeyed with her father into the depths of a long-lost Egyptian tomb, only to be separated by a secret passage that she accidentally uncovered. Within, she found a treasure untouched by the passage of centuries and the pilfering of thieves; a pair of golden gauntlets, bearing the insignia of the scorpion. With no exit in sight, she hazarded to put them on… and thus, the bond was complete. Ati Najjar became host to the Egyptian goddess Selket, an ancient extraterrestrial who looked after humanity by works of naturalism, medicine, and magic. When she failed her duty to protect the other gods from the demonic creature known as Apophis, ancient Egypt fell. In her final moments, she sealed a copy of herself within an artifact, so that a human champion might come and help her seek revenge on Apophis. Alas, the relic was lost, and that goal would not be achieved… not for many thousands of years. When Ati was finally the one to become host to the goddess’s power, it was too late to save Egypt. Selket was quick to re-think her goals and resume looking after humanity however she could… but Ati isn’t entirely sure she’s ready to take on the responsibility.


Seriously, though, don’t call me Scorpio. I don’t know who came up with that name, that’s… some Zodiac thing.


Ati Najjar

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