Uruhara Sundown



Hero Name: Recoil

High Concept: Determined Fate – Uruhara is the son of two supervillains who act as they want and do whatever they see as fun, having a son prompted their latest game: enrolling him in a school for heroes to see if he can defeat his own parents.

Trouble: Danger Zone - Uruhara has a bit of an issue with his own self worth and has a habit of throwing himself quite literally under the bus for people. Directing bullying to himself or helping people carry heavy boxes, self sacrifice is the game!

Aspects: Playing Soldiers - Uruhara’s hobby is learning information about military equipment and tactics and putting them to the test in mock battles in his room, while he may not use guns and such as part of his hero arsenal he still sometimes finds moments to put his SHAMEFUL KNOWLEDGE to use.

Sweet Magic (Otilla) – Gingerbead spies and gumdrop commandos, you can spend a fate point to always act first in a scene/combat encounter even if you are the victim of an ambush.
Antagonism: Rivals or enemies. A bond with stronger effects,
     both for you, and your bondmate. Not always a good thing.
Guidance: Mentors or teachers. A bond formed to promote
    growth and development.

Skill List:
+4: Endurance
+3: Fists, Resources
+2: Intimidation,Might, Athletics
+1: Resolve, Empathy, Engineering, Academics, Art

(Siggy Stunt) Recoil - Uruhara can absorb and redirect the force of any attack he is hit with and use it to empower his own strikes. If he chooses to do so the next attack he makes uses the enemies total attack result as the base for his strike. Uruharas empowered strike is treated as though it hits him as well as the enemy and he is able to make an endurance test to lower the strain on his own body.

Shock Absorbers - These nifty pieces of tech allow Uruhara to endure any recoil from a strike equal to or lower than his endurance rating. An attack above his endurance rating is still absorbed but the absorbers will then break until they can be repaired.

Tactical Mind - Uruhara always has a scene aspect he can freely invoke once on any scene he enters representing his knowledge swat team and military tactics.

Stress: ALL
Physical: [ ] [ ] [ /][ /]
Mental: [/ ] [/ ] [ ]

Mild (1-2 shifts):
Moderate (1-4 shifts):
Severe (1-6 shifts):
Extreme (1-8 shifts):

Extras (Items, hold-over aspects, etc):


Uruhara Sundown

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