Naj 'N' Viperi

Dude, my dad's gonna be SO mad!


High Concept: Escaped Son of a Supervillain
During their teenage years, many kids start believing that their parents are evil. Well, sometimes they are actually right: N found it the hard way when he discovered that his father, the biologist Videsh Viperi, had a secret identity as the supervillain Viper (something that, in retrospect, should have been obvious from the last name and his obsession with snakes). What was worse, he fully planned to have Naj follow his footsteps. Not really wanting to become an enemy of the free world, as that would interfere with his football training, Naj decided to run away from home, stealing as many of his father’s evil gadgets as possible to use them as proof. Unable to actually convince the police of the truth about such an upstanding member of society, and now homeless and on the run from his father, he had no choice but to join Hillbury Academy, and combat fire with fire. Or poison with poison, in this case.

Trouble: Archnemesis Dad
Turns out, no father likes their teen son running away from home, not even supervillains. And learning that Naj is living with those god damned vigilantes isn’t helping at all. They might fill his brain with dumb ideas about good and evil! Now, N has his dad ready to take him back with any means necessary. It’s still dad, so violence would be the last thing he’d try… But when a villain has his hands in most of the city’s underground, and even infiltrated in most parts of society, deciding who he can trust is hard for the boy.

Personal Aspect: Groomed for Greatness
Slowly and subtly, Viper made sure to raise his son with him becoming the second Viper someday in mind. A superb physical form was a priority, with a strategic mind coming in second place, with less great results. A large ego and some difficulty working with others are secondary effects of the incomplete training, something that he considered a good thing, but hinders the boy in his relations in the academy. Sometimes, he can seem like a jerk loner, but he’s really trying to break away from his wrong education.

Guidance: Red Nova – After a very fruitful meeting with the space bounty hunter, N finally found a motivation for his heroism, other than generic niceness, and a desire to kick his father’s butt. Rather than that, he’s going to become his own person. And he’s going to redeem the Viperi name. And the snake motif. Thanks to Nova’s engineering know how, he’s managed to even add new functions to the Snake Charmer!

+4: Athletics
+3: Endurance, Engineering
+2: Resolve, Intimidation, Weapons
+1: Might, Fists, Stealth, Alertness, Investigate


[Engineering] The Viper Biter (Signature Stunt): The main weapon of the Viper, this combination of whip, dagger, and grappling hook serves as his tool for moving around, tying his enemies, and applying his poisons. While N doesn’t know how to use all its tools just yet, he knows enough to apply the weakening and hallucinogen poisons inside the tool. Upon succeeding on an attack, N can apply a ‘Poisoned’ aspect that removes 2 from an enemy’s skill, only once per enemy. To remove the aspect, the enemy must roll a 4 on an Endurance roll.

[Athletics] Biter-Grappling Hook (Requires The Viper Biter): Thanks to the grappling hook tool in the Viper Biter, N can easily move around the city, climbing buildings and swinging from one to the next quickly. With this tool, N gets a +2 to Athletics when around an urban environment.

[Engineering] Snake Charmer: The other signature gadget of the Viper, the Snake Charmer allows someone who can control it correctly to brainwash and hypnotize whoever stares into the goggles of the helmet. N, however, still can’t do something like that, only managing to make people dizzy and nauseous with the rippling effect of the eyes. N can use Engineering in order to deal Mental damage.

[Engineering] Snake Eyes: Thanks to Red Nova, N has managed to make the multiple ‘vision’ modes of the Snake Charmer finally work. Thanks to it, N now gets a +2 to Alertness for sight-related things when he’s wearing it.

[Endurance] Snake Skin: Not an actual snake skin, but Viper made sure that his son would have an above average endurance, to both impacts, cutting, or poisons. Thanks to that, N has an extra Moderate Consequence he can take, but only for Physical damage.

Physical [][][][]
Mental [][][]

Moderate (Only Physical):

Many more gadgets he doesn’t know how to use.


Naj 'N' Viperi

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