V - The Fearsome Four


A group who crashed Astrid’s party and announced their machinations against the students of Hillbury Academy. A group of disgruntled miscreants who have strayed from the path of justice.

Cyber-Bully – The apparent leader of the Fearsome Four, a posh boy outfitted with some impressive looking cybernetic enhancements, including what appears to be a completely mechanical body.

Chainsaw Cockney – A harsh girl with a terrible accent and a razor sharp breaking point. Also she has a giant chainsaw. Also her chainsaw has a minigun.

Spook Fish – The epitome of spook, this aquatic looking girl seems to have some kind of spatial displacement powers, as well as the ability to make everything just a little bit creepier.

Hungry Shirt – A quiet, older boy who, during the ‘attack,’ was content to pilfer food from the snack table to feed to his shirt, which had a huge mouth painted across it. The older brother of one of the HeroWatch Three.


V - The Fearsome Four

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