V - Videsh Viperi


Famed naturalist and inventor Videsh Viperi is a bit of a local celebrity in San Fransokyo: Most people have either heard his heavy accent narrating a documentary they had to watch for school, or used one of his environement-friendly machines at some point: From cars to AC machines, Viperi Ltd is a household name. The serious, slightly grumpy demeanour of the man himself hasn’t prevented him from becoming a well loved part of the jet set… But under the disguise lies one of the most dangerous threats to the city. Focused, ruthless, obsessed with snakes, and more than a little egocentric, The Viper continues his crusade against the do-gooders of the world, even if his plan to have an heritage seems to have found some rough patches.

While he doesn’t have any particular superpower, he does have a brilliant mind for strategy, psychology, and most importantly, gadgetry, which has allowed him to create a nearly limitless repertory of super suits and machines useful for every situation. Of course, every one of them follows the snake theme he so loves. Every single one.


V - Videsh Viperi

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